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Top Text Analytics Companies In Singapore

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Serving text data from the huge piles of mixed data everyday is not always an easy or pleasant job. Companies have come up with the latest tools and technologies that let the enterprises/companies/startups analyze only the important data because they sort out the unimportant ones and separate them from the significant ones.

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There are tons of companies that offer these services now and along with this many other convenient services also that can make the products even better.

Look no more because below are the 10 best text analytics companies in Singapore that are worth your while.

An Ai-based Text Analytics Software for Text Extraction, Summarization & Classification.

Your valuable data should not be ignored because there can be much important news that you do not wanna miss. This company does not dispose of your test heap. It extracts the tables and then classifies them into labels from the unstructured data. If your company has large piles of documents, articles, reviews and records of text description then is the perfect choice for you. You can use a variety of modules that cater to the needs of various firms.


The solutions provided by Setuserv are product development, deal support, marketing content optimization, e-commerce, reputation management automation and consumer insights. You can get specific insights from the online reviews, comments, feedback and chat logs. Your customers may have some needs that need to be met by your company. Setuserv lets you know about those unmet needs. Customized AI includes machine power and human accuracy. With Setuserv’s best resources, you can improve your enterprise and make it more appealing to the customers.

This company is focused on making your business better and it specializes in custom product and software development. truly brings out the vitality of your product. It has a mapped out process behind successful product development. It is finished in 7 days. Imagine how fast your product is developed here in this company and how much time it saves. This company offers 3 very important services – product scope, UI/UX design and MVP builder.


Maximize your business impact by using their methods – strategic vision and alignment, discovery and requirements, enablement, insights distribution and governance, implementation plan and configuration and feedback sources. This company has won many awards and has been declared as the leader by Forrester Wave Reports. You can use the derived data to empower your teams, grow your sales, accelerate efficiency and ensure compliance. You do not need to sacrifice your product’s quality in order to leverage digital customers.


Queppelin offers services like AR/VR services, 3D modeling, mobile application, game development and AI development series. Under these categories, there are a few sub-categories like augmented reality, VR application development, AR application development, Virtual Reality, Android and iPhone application development, cross-platform mobile app development, predictive analysis etc. They also develop fantasy games, unity games and mobile games. Their 3D animation is mind-blowing and has tons of positive reviews from their clients.


Make your business grow with Volumetree’s mobile and web-based solutions. It provides other services that can make your product more distinguished like website development, hire dedicated teams, IoT, MVP development, Quality Assurance, mobile apps, data science, product development etc. its solutions include food ordering, home service and pet health tech. They have served companies like Fieldrz, Sando, elby, Binox, conciergi, Netcare, Go Fixit, Deam, BP Batho Pele, Book Beak, The Ash Center, Sampark, Beauty Click etc.


TroonDX is established as an engineering firm that aims to solve privacy, data engineering, security and intelligence by using next-generation high impact technologies. It offers SaaS solutions that can be used as standalone solutions. They can also have high interoperability. Any enterprise solutions that are already existing can easily connect with them. They make no errors as their DLT-based traceability minimizes errors and enhances visibility and trust. This company also offers video KYC where you can onboard users faster and more securely by integrating the most secure eKYC solutions.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains offers product prototyping, Web application development, mobile app development, front end development, Microsoft development, hire dedicated developers, cloud and DevOps. However, this company mostly specializes in ChatBot, AI/ML, Blockchain and IoT. Your project will go through development methodology, delivery models and then engagement models. This company can serve a variety of industries such as healthcare, retail, education and e-learning, logistics, hospitality, distribution, travel, media/entertainment, oil and gas, real estate and many more.


If you want to get a lot of work done and do not want to compromise on quality then Plunify will do your job gladly. The solutions it uses helps in making the product faster than any other company in the market. Their FPGA products will help your business to grow and prosper. Famous companies like intel FPGA, Huawei, Atomos, Amazon web services, E Xilinx, Fiber Home etc have sought their services in their time of need.


With over 20 years of experience, this company has been able to serve more than 500 companies and deliver 1000 successful projects. Their business analytics suite of products is based on 5 actions such as – 1. Capture, 2. Understand, 3. Predict, 4. Plan and 5. Act. Sift work sincerely produces insights so that your company can make it better. You can use these data and tools provided by Sift to make your company’s blind spots go away.


The above-mentioned companies are the top 10 text analytics companies based in Singapore. They have been the market and have asserted their dominance. Choose whatever feels right for you. 

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