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Top Free AI Tools You NEED to Try in 2024: From Writing to Design & Beyond

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Powerful and easy-to-use AI tools are available for free, waiting to help you with creative tasks, writing, design, and more.

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This article explores 10 incredible free AI tools you can start using today. From generating stunning visuals to writing catchy lyrics, these tools will boost your productivity and open doors to new creative possibilities. AI is no longer just science fiction, folks!

SoulGenCreate images of your ideal partner (anime or real life)Creative brainstorming, entertainment (Copywriting Tool)Writes high-quality, plagiarism-free contentBloggers, social media managers, content creators (UI/UX Design)Turns sketches or screenshots into professional wireframesApp designers, UX/UI professionals (Copywriting Tool)Generates unique and engaging copy for various usesMarketers, advertisers, content creators
JADBio (Machine Learning)User-friendly platform for building machine learning modelsStudents, researchers (especially in bioinformatics)
DALL-E 2 (Image Creation)Creates realistic images and art from your descriptionsDesigners, artists, and anyone needing unique visuals
Lumen5 (Video Creation)Makes videos from text and imagesSocial media managers, marketers, educators (Audio Editing)Isolates vocals and instruments from songsMusicians, DJs, content creators
Deep Beat (Lyrics Writing)Generates rap lyrics based on keywordsMusicians, songwriters, content creators
Deep Nostalgia (Photo Animation)Brings old photos to life with facial animationsPersonal projects, gifts, preserving memories

This list is just a starting point! With new AI tools emerging all the time, the possibilities are endless. Explore the tools mentioned above, and see how AI can superkick off your productivity and creativity.

Important Note: While some of these tools offer free accounts, some may have limitations or require paid subscriptions for full functionality.

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