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Top Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2022

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With the advancement of digital business and wide reach of customers on a global range, Companies and enterprises are broadly focusing on huge data storage, dynamic processing of information, continuous sharing of files and folders, and omnipresent accessibility of resources. The phenomena give rise to the cloud computing service provider at countless industries and marketplaces. Be it manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, retail, or Information Technology, cloud service adoption in any domain has been truly remarkable over the past twenty or more years. We can understandably jump to the conclusion that cloud computing services in any sector would relentlessly dominate the upcoming years.  

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The Evolution of Cloud Platform with new Features & Functionalities

Let’s look at some prominent cloud computing trends that would rule the squad forth 2022

  1. Edge computing:

An alternative approach to cloud computing and the data storage ecosystem. An emerging cloud trend includes structuring local data frameworks for information storage and computation. This sort of decentralized infrastructure reduces the latency issues and enhances the application’s performance. Edge is often considered a rival to cloud services despite sharing a complementary relation. Edge computing is usually used for time-sensitive information where it brings on the data processing that is not driven within a specific time. It offers you visible benefits regarding enhanced data processing speed, minimum latency, improved connectivity, compliance security, and support.

  1. Serverless Functions: 

Serverless functionality has also been a decent cloud computing trend over a couple of years. It has lately gained much acceleration in the cloud computing universe. The efficient pay-as-you-go model leverages the organization by allowing it to pay for the services that are being used. This way, the infrastructure can be scaled up and scaled down depending on the need and capital investment of the enterprise. Serverless computing also enables the elimination of additional risks of back-end issues hence bringing on better implementation of encryption and security codes.

  1. Multicloud or Hybrid Ecosystem: 

A hybrid cloud solution integrates third-party features and attributes with a private cloud ecosystem. This will empower the users with great flexibility, information sharing, and accessibility.

A survey says:

54% of enterprises reveals that they were adopting the hybrid cloud to lower the total ownership cost of information technology, 42% said they hoped to increase operational efficiency within the IT organization, 42% hoped to facilitate and accelerate innovation, and 40% believed that adopting hybrid cloud solutions would help the organization meet customer expectations more readily in the future.

  • Artificial Intelligence Usage in Cloud Service: 

Artificial Intelligence plays a colossal role in the delivery of cloud service. With the use of AI, Cloud Computing Service Provider can bifurcate a specific segment of customers, thus making a remarkable consumer base. With the AI-driven features, a small business can put on a vision to transform into a massive and global body. The growth aspect and AI also make the infrastructure budget-friendly, thus facilitating a sharp return of investment. The predictive analysis capacity also helps to fetch actionable and meaningful insights, thus evolving into a most demanded cloud computing trend by 2022.

  • Open-Source Cloud Computing Trend: 

As the industries are broadly moving towards innovation and collaboration, Cloud Computing Consultants are also widening the bandwidth of open-source deployment. An open-source is the one that is specifically built with the software that can be readily customized. Thus, an organization can now scale up and scale down the resources as per the real-time requirement and given infrastructure of the IT house. The process is also comparatively faster than a closed-source platform. So, choosing an open-source cloud platform is a better decision to get the business to move in the right direction.

  • Cloud Gaming, Virtual and Augmented Reality: 

In the recent couple of years, we will witness a massive expansion of cloud gaming, VR, and AR. Computing applications give off an impression of being boundless, with 25% of associations wanting to move all their product to the cloud in the following year. Expanded distributed computing reception, and the disclosure of new strategies to use cloud-based frameworks to create experiences and proficiency are the forthcoming patterns to be seen in 2022. This has been the reason that Cloud computing consulting services are gradually converging their focus on gaming, virtual, and augmented reality. Once these technologies would start getting full-fledged adoption, there would be no turning back to the traditional methods.

  • Modern Cloud Security: 

Today, the IT infrastructure has a huge challenge of protecting the data centre from information leakage, data deletion, and fraud transactions. With the progressive movement of businesses moving to cloud platforms, it has become vital for every enterprise to maintain a modern cloud security service to ensure the safety of clients’ data and keep the security norms intact. It has been estimated that by 2022, 95% of cloud failures would emerge due to the customers’ fault. Cloud Computing Service Providers would be highly reckoning on modern cloud services to enhance the security and compliance behaviour.

  • Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Service: 

Data disruption, system failures, and digital attacks are integral to modern businesses relying on the cloud. Enterprises have very much dealt with server and system crashes that eventually lead to the loss of data and documents. To prevent this sort of mishappening, Companies and enterprises must adopt data recovery and data backup management as per the requirement and within their feasible budget. Cloud computing consulting services that are strongly aligned with data recovery and backup attributes are quickly embraced at any marketplace. This system automatically manages electronic or virtual records of files, folder documents and preserves them on an external server.

Final Word on Cloud Computing Trends

According to predictions from Gartner, global spending on cloud services is expected to reach over $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020. This data exhibits that the rate of cloud adoption flourishing in 2022 would be beyond the realms of imagination. Gone are those days when enterprises and firms depend on local data centres for storing, processing, sharing, and accessing information. We are witnessing the era of robotics and AI algorithm. So, it’s obvious that every business would look for a cloud computing service provider that could enable them to leverage the platform of computing engine, enlarge digital storage and requirements and inculcate a high degree of innovation and productive measures. The inflation of covid 19 has also played a major role in building a cloud-oriented work environment.

So, if you are involved with any business that needs heavy usage of data, get yourself prepared for the next decade. Choose any Leading Cloud Computing Consulting Company and start your voyage for a successful business.

Michael Donald is a senior IT Consultant at Top Cloud Computing Solution Provider Company, Bitscape. I have unified experience in adding values to the existing technological architecture of various businesses. During my professional journey, I have tackled a wide range of challenges and have built the ability to work through challenging issues for any industry.

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