Shiba Inu Burned to a Crisp: EverGrow Takes the Deflationary Crown!

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Move over, Shiba Inu, there’s a new burn king in town – and it’s EverGrow! Remember that big burn Shiba Inu announced last week? It was like a sparkler compared to a bonfire!

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EverGrow just torched a mind-blowing 9 TRILLION tokens in one day, that’s over 1400 times more than Shiba Inu’s measly burn. We’re talking about a cool $618,000 worth of tokens vanishing into thin air!

Here’s the crazy part: EverGrow burns way more tokens DAILY than Shiba Inu. We’re talking 71 billion a day for EverGrow, compared to Shiba Inu’s snail-paced 250,000. EverGrow’s basically a furnace for tokens, making them one of the hottest deflationary tokens around!

But how did they pull off this epic burn? Buckle up, because it involves a whale of a deal (pun intended!).  EverGrow’s team convinced their biggest investor, an “Asian Whale” (think crypto Krakens!), to part ways with a whopping 29 trillion tokens for a mere $600,000! Talk about a fire sale!

This “deal of the century” not only makes EverGrow’s investor table more stable, but it also benefits existing and future holders. EverGrow is giving back 10 trillion tokens to holders and selling the rest to get their money back.  Chairman Sam Kelly, known for his business savvy, seems to be playing all the right moves to get EverGrow into the crypto big leagues (top 10, anyone?).

With a fancy new NFT marketplace (LunaSky) and a hot wallet (Atlas) on the horizon, EverGrow could be the comeback story of 2024!  So, keep your eyes peeled, because this crypto dragon is just getting fired up!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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