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Real-Time Data Replication from Oracle On-prem Database to GCP using Striim

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The client, a prominent player in the banking and financial services industry, faced several challenges in ensuring the seamless transfer of data from their on-premises Oracle database to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The need for efficient data management and accessibility prompted them to seek a solution for migrating historical data, enabling secure third-party access, and optimizing costs associated with managing the database.

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This case study explores how Indium’s solution, leveraging Striim, not only facilitated a smooth data migration but also addressed key business challenges.

  • Migration of Historic Data: The client needed to seamlessly migrate historical data from an existing on-premises Oracle database to a cloud platform.
  • Secure Third-Party Data Access: Ensuring secure access to data from the database by third parties was a critical concern.
  • Cost Optimization: The client aimed to optimize costs associated with maintaining and managing the database in a cloud environment.
  1. Initial Data Load with Postgres on GCP: Following recommendations, Indium initiated the migration by performing an initial data load, moving data from the source Oracle database to a target Postgres database on Google Cloud Platform.
  2. Real-time Data Replication with Striim: Change data capture was employed for real-time data replication. This method ensured that any modifications in the data were updated instantly, streamlining the process before the relational database management system (RDBMS) completed its processing.
  3. Secure Third-Party Access with Striim Agent: To facilitate third-party access to data from the database securely, Striim Agent was deployed. This ensured that external entities could access the required data without compromising security.
  4. Effective Data Monitoring with Live Dashboards: Indium implemented a comprehensive monitoring system, utilizing a diverse set of metrics and live dashboards. This allowed for efficient and real-time monitoring of the data, contributing to proactive issue resolution.

The implementation of Indium’s solution yielded significant positive impacts on the client’s business:

  1. 90% Reduction in Data Transfer Time: The utilization of Striim drastically reduced the time required for transferring data from the Oracle on-prem database to the Google Cloud Platform.
  2. 87% Simplification of Data Replication Process: The complexities associated with setting up the data replication process were reduced by an impressive 87%, streamlining operations and minimizing potential bottlenecks.
  3. 95% Increase in Data Security: Striim Agent played a pivotal role in enhancing data security, leading to a remarkable 95% increase in security levels, instilling confidence in third-party data access.
  4. Minimal Programming Knowledge Requirements: The user-friendly nature of Striim resulted in a significant reduction in the level of programming knowledge required for the configuration of the entire process, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

Tools Used:

The success of this project can be attributed to the strategic use of cutting-edge tools, including Striim, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud Platform.

Tools - Striim, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud Platform


The successful implementation of Striim not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by our client but also provided a foundation for efficient and secure data management in their transition to the Google Cloud Platform. This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative solutions in overcoming complex data migration challenges in the ever-evolving landscape of banking and financial services.

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