Ohtani Lights Up LA! Ranking the Top 4 Dodger Home Runs of 2024

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Shohei Ohtani Goes Deep: Ranking His Top Four Home Runs as a Dodger

Shohei Ohtani’s arrival at the Los Angeles Dodgers has been a revelation. The two-way superstar has not only solidified the team’s pitching rotation, but his hitting prowess has been nothing short of phenomenal. Ohtani has launched a barrage of awe-inspiring home runs this season, showcasing his raw power and solidifying his status as a true baseball superstar. 

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From absolute rockets to the hardest-hit ball of his career, Ohtani’s home runs have left fans and pundits alike in awe. This list highlights the sheer force and consistency behind Ohtani’s batting, a key contributing factor to the Dodgers’ dominance this season.

Here’s a closer look at his top four blasts in Dodger blue:

RankDistanceOpponentDateExit Velocity (mph)Significance
1454 ftAtlanta BravesMay 5, 2024N/A3rd-longest home run in MLB for 2024 (at the time)
2450 ftWashington NationalsApril 23, 2024118.7Hardest-hit home run of Ohtani’s career
3446 ftSan Francisco GiantsMay 14, 2024N/ALongest home run at Oracle Park in nearly two years
4441 ftMiami MarlinsMay 6, 2024107.64th home run in 3 games

Ohtani’s Moon Shot Against the Braves

Ohtani’s absolute rocket against the Atlanta Braves on May 5th stands as his longest home run as a Dodger. The 454-foot blast landed deep in center field and, at the time, was the third-longest home run hit in all of Major League Baseball for the 2024 season. This monstrous shot showcased Ohtani’s raw power and cemented his status as a dual-threat superstar.

The Hardest-Hit Ball of Ohtani’s Career

While not the longest in terms of distance, Ohtani’s 450-foot home run against the Washington Nationals on April 23rd was undeniably impressive. This blast, with an exit velocity of a staggering 118.7 mph, was the hardest-hit home run of his career. The sheer force behind this shot left a lasting impression and spoke volumes about Ohtani’s hitting potential.

Oracle Park Sees a Long Ball

Ohtani’s two-way dominance extended to San Francisco on May 14th. He launched a 446-foot home run that cleared the iconic walls of Oracle Park. This blast not only provided a highlight for the Dodgers but also went down as the longest home run hit at the stadium in nearly two years.

A Consistent Powerhouse

Even Ohtani’s “shortest” home run on this list, a 441-foot shot against the Miami Marlins on May 6th, was a testament to his power. This two-run homer was part of a stretch where he hit four home runs in just three games.


Shohei Ohtani has quickly become a fan favorite and his power-hitting is just one aspect of his well-rounded skillset. His impact on the team is undeniable, and his home run prowess is just one exciting chapter in what promises to be a legendary baseball career.

Looking ahead, Ohtani’s ability to stay healthy and continue to perform at an elite level on both sides of the field will be key to his legacy. If he can maintain his pitching dominance while showcasing consistent hitting power, he has the potential to become one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His unique skillset has the potential to redefine the role of the “two-way player” in Major League Baseball, inspiring a new generation of athletes to chase a similar path.

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