F1 Betting 2024: Odds, Predictions & Hot Picks for Silverstone

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Get ready for the F1 2024 British Grand Prix Betting Tips: Who’ll Rule the Roost at Silverstone?

The Formula 1 is rolling into Silverstone for the highly awaited British Grand Prix! After the edge-of-your-seat excitement in Austria, where George Russell snatched a brilliant victory amidst a heart-stopping last-minute collision between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, fans are on the lookout for who will be the first to speed across the finish line this round. We’re pretty convinced Verstappen will be eager to bounce back and snatch the victory but don’t count out Norris, this man will be fighting tooth and nail to keep his home turf advantage.

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Who are the Favorites to Win?

The bookmakers have spoken, and Max Verstappen remains the front-runner to claim victory at Silverstone, despite missing out in Austria. However, Lando Norris, the hometown hero, is hot on his heels, fueled by the passionate British crowd. Here’s a breakdown of the top contenders and their odds (presented in decimal format):

Max Verstappen1.48
Lando Norris3.5
Oscar Piastri15
George Russell17
Lewis Hamilton19

Qualifying and Podium Predictions

Looks like Verstappen’s got a good shot at snagging that pole spot again, kinda like he did in Austria. But don’t count out Norris, this man has got the home crowd backing him up, which can totally boost his game. The race for the podium’s gonna be crazy tight, with Verstappen, Norris, Russell, and even Piastri all having a pretty decent chance of ending up there.

Odds for Top-Three Finish

Max Verstappen1.1
Lando Norris1.2
Oscar Piastri2.15
George Russell2.6
Lewis Hamilton2.7

Other Interesting Bets to Check Out

Besides the usual suspects, there are some fun bets to think about. Like, will we see a safety car pop up again, just like last time? And how many drivers do you reckon will actually finish? Oh, and will the winner just barely edge out the second place guy, or will it be a nail-biter?

Selected Special Bets

Safety Car during the Race1.35 (Yes)
Number of Classified Drivers (Over/Under)Over 16.5Under 16.51.10 (Over)
Winning Margin (Over/Under)Over 10 secondsUnder 10 seconds1.82 (Over)

Who Will Take the Most Points?

While Red Bull remains the favorite to score the most points at Silverstone, McLaren poses a significant threat. Mercedes appears to be edging ahead of Ferrari in the battle for third place in the constructors’ championship.


The British Grand Prix is gonna be a total blast with a bunch of drivers all gunning for that sweet, sweet victory. We’ve given you the lowdown here to help you place some bets that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. So, strap in, pick your top dogs, and let’s get hyped for a wild ride at Silverstone!

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