Coinbase in Action: Grassroots Campaign for Crypto Regulation in the States

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Move over, Captain America! Coinbase, the king of US crypto exchanges, is on a mission for fair crypto laws! With 52 million crypto owners in the US (that’s more people than live in California!), things are getting crowded, and regulations are a mess. Coinbase is saying “Enough is enough!”

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Here’s their battle plan:

  • Operation Billboard Blast: Forget Times Square – Coinbase is putting up crypto billboards in Washington D.C. itself! They’re also placing calls to action on their platform, basically telling everyone to bombard their Congress peeps with messages about fair crypto laws.

The Fly-in Force Assembles: On September 27th, Coinbase is forming a superhero team unlike any other. Imagine Iron Man meeting Satoshi Nakamoto (the mysterious creator of Bitcoin)! This dream team of 35 crypto execs and developers will fly to Washington D.C. to meet with lawmakers in a lobbying power move of epic proportions.

Kara Calvert, the crypto crusader leading the charge at Coinbase, knows that this fight is bigger than just one exchange. “Crypto is just so much bigger than Coinbase,” she says. And she’s right! It’s about shaping the future of finance for everyone.

  • Stand With Crypto: Guerrilla Warfare: Coinbase created a real-life Robin Hood for crypto regulations called Stand With Crypto. This non-profit is running events in states like Ohio and Montana, rallying the crypto troops for the cause.

Why all the commotion?  The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has been cracking down on crypto like a rogue antivirus program gone haywire. Coinbase doesn’t like that one bit, so they’re fighting back with the ultimate weapon – democracy!

Coinbase isn’t the only one flexing its muscles. They spent a whopping $3.39 million on lobbying in 2022, leaving other crypto companies in the dust.  This is a full-on battle royale for the future of crypto regulations, and Coinbase is throwing down the gauntlet.

Will they succeed? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the fight for fair crypto laws with clear definitions (remember the security vs commodity debate?) is about to get epic!

Disclaimer: While Coinbase’s efforts to advocate for clearer crypto regulations are commendable, please remember that investing in cryptocurrency carries risks. Always do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. And remember, even superheroes need to tread carefully in the wild world of finance!

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