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7 Important Reasons Why Your Website Needs Videos

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Have you heard that video materials are one of the top marketing trends for 2023? Yes, the rumors are true – videos catch users’ attention; they are easy to understand, identify with, and share. 

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In this article, we’re talking about all the important reasons your business website needs videos. Also, we’ll consider what kind of video brings the best results and what unwritten rules you should follow when making video content to achieve the best possible results.

All the information you’re looking for is only a scroll away, so let’s dive in!

Video statistics for 2022

Here are some exciting video statistics that will show you the potential this format brings:

  • In 2020, almost 3 billion people watched or downloaded video content at least once a month. Marketers expect this number to reach 3.5 billion by 2023.
  • Videos have an enormous audience reach – 92% worldwide in 2021!
  • During 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will come from either streaming or downloading videos.
  • In 2019, the audience watched videos for 84 minutes daily. In 2021, this number increased to 100 minutes.
  • The most popular video platform is YouTube, with 1.9 billion active monthly users.

Reasons to add videos to your website

As you can see from the stats, videos are increasingly popular – many people spend significant time watching and engaging with them. That’s the reason why one of the popular web design companies is using videos regularly.

Still, there are other reasons to include videos on your website:

1. Better content understanding and longer retainment rate

The average internet user today has an attention span of only 8.25 seconds, compared to 12.5 seconds in 2000. 

The attention span has decreased over the years, which is a great challenge for all marketers. What content can you serve your targeted audience and ensure they will perceive it? The correct answer is video.

Every video should be storytelling, allowing users to consume content quickly and effortlessly since they are more likely to engage with video than textual content. 

Most people need visual content to memorize things; they retain 95% of the information after watching a video, compared to only 10% after reading texts.

Some stats confirm these claims:

  • YouTube is the second most visited search engine ever. The first one is Google.
  • People watch over a billion hours of video content daily on YouTube.
  • YouTube users visit approximately 9 channels before leaving the website.

2. Increased conversion rate

If people spend more time on your website and consume your content, they are more likely to convert from leads to clients. 

Videos can put you far ahead of the competition; therefore, go the extra mile and record engaging and valuable content your visitors will like. For example, you could shoot tutorials or DIY videos. 

[Source: Pixabay]

Post your videos on social media, and kindly ask your followers to share them. Even if new leads watch your video on your YouTube channel or on social media, if you tickle their interest, they will visit your website and fulfill the given call to action. 

3. Improved SEO and better ranking positions

You probably know that Google and YouTube, the two biggest search engines, share the same owner. As you can assume, they are pretty bonded. 

If you create a YouTube channel and submit your videos, you’re increasing your chances of showing in Google’s results pages. Don’t forget to optimize the video title, description, and tags, using your primary keywords.

Videos you post on YouTube or social media attract significant traffic to your website, and the amount of traffic you get is one of the ranking factors for which Google cares. 

Videos can help you improve another important metric – dwell rate. You can attract visitors to your website, but they will leave in a second if they don’t find valuable content there. 

Google measures how long users engage with your content, and video can prolong that time. The bounce rate will drop, which benefits every aspect of your website.

Another SEO aspect you shouldn’t neglect is effortlessly gaining backlinks! People tend to share videos they like, and although we don’t know how Google ranks websites, there is a strong relationship between social media shares and ranking positions.

4. Building brand awareness and trust

According to the research, 62% of all search results contain video! Including video in your content gains better visibility and brand exposure. Besides, videos grab users’ attention and are easily shareable, contributing to improved brand awareness.

Recording video material is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and tell a story about your brand, its visions and goals, and the journey you’ve been through. That way, you’ll strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers and build trust.

5. Videos are great marketing tools!

Can you name the marketing strategy you cannot use video in? We neither. Videos can positively impact all types of marketing, especially SEO, inbound, email, social media, and paid campaigns (PPC/CPC). 

As we mentioned, videos improve SEO by engaging customers, keeping them longer on your website, and lowering the bounce rate. Videos increase the chances Google will display your website in its search result pages. 

6. Standing out from the competition

Although videos are popular, many websites hesitate to use them. If you’re reading this article, there is a big chance you’re considering adding videos to your website, which means you don’t already have them. Neither does your competition – at least many of your competitors don’t.

Hopefully, you’ve realized your video potential. The next step is to take advantage of it and get ahead of your competition. Film educational and exciting videos that will position you as an expert in your niche! We’ll advise you on how to do it a little later.

7. Videos deliver your messages to the audience

Most people open web pages, glance over headlines, and leave if they don’t sound promising. Even if they read your content, they mostly do it superficially, without delving into the real meaning of your words. This approach can make your messages go unnoticed.

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

If you film a video about your business path, products, tutorials, and team members, there are better chances your message will get through to your audience.

Tip: We don’t say video should replace your textual content. They’ll achieve the best results if they work together.

What kind of videos should you add to your website?

The first platform that comes to mind is YouTube. The second largest search engine is in the ownership of Google; therefore, feel free to submit your videos. Use WordPress plug-ins to incorporate playlists from your YouTube channel.

You can film different video materials, but each should convey a message to your viewers. Here are some examples:

  • Introduction videos should work as your PR – they should introduce the audience to your business and give them some convincing reasons why they should trust you and buy from you, not your competition. You should expose introduction videos and make them available to everyone who first time visits your website.
  • A product/service video presents your products or services to your audience. You can think of this video as of typical commercial, only its filming won’t cost you as much, and you’re not time limited. Use these advantages to show all the necessary details about your product/service, and don’t forget the CTAs!
  • A promotional video will announce discounts, and special actions, like Black Friday or holiday sales, and inspire your viewers to take action, aka buy your products.
  • Instruction video changes manuals and shows your customers how to use your product, which brings value. The customer won’t need to look for an answer on forums – as a producer, you’re most entitled to provide instructions on how to use your products correctly. Film short intros – your audience will lose interest if it has to wait until you stick to the point, and that’s not something you want.
  • Tips and tricks are the types of videos everyone loves. They give your audience a chance to learn about new uses of your product in real life. Tips and tricks videos have great sharing potential!
  • Testimonial videos. It’s not a secret that word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies. People trust convincing recommendations from other customers. They believe more in spoken words while watching mimics and gestures of a person speaking than in written testimonials with a user’s picture. Kindly ask your customers about their satisfaction with your products and offer them a special discount or gift if they’re willing to participate in the testimonial video.
  • About us videos will introduce members of your team to your audience. Instead of a regular “about us” page with pictures and brief introductions, allow your customers to meet real flesh and blood people that stand behind their favorite products/services. This step will increase trust and credibility for your brand.

Need help adding a video to your website?

High-quality video material can bring you closer to your audience, improve your SEO and conversion rate, help your marketing efforts, and make your business stand out from the competition. 

Now that you know how much value video can bring to your website, it’s time to use Iowa video production companies to develop and promote your business goals using high-quality video materials.

Dos and don’ts when creating video content

When you’re creating video content for the first time, you could easily get confused and make some common mistakes: forget the call to action, be too stiff or restless, bore the audience with endless talk, etc. 

Your goal is to convey a message to your audience in a fun and memorable way. Do it originally, and be creative, spontaneous, and dynamic. Keep your video short and simple. 

Here is the “do and don’t” brief reminder:

Know your audienceFilm unprepared
Keep the video short and simpleBore the audience 
Practice before filmingBe too stiff, nor too restless
Come up with an original ideaPlagiarize other people’s work and ideas
Check your sound and lightingFilm from afar 
Make it storytellingMaintain a monotonous, endless talk 
Include a Call to ActionFinish video without CTA

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