2024 Premier League Title Contenders: Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool

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Who Will Be Crowned 2024 Premier League Champions?

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The 2024 Premier League season has been nothing short of exhilarating, with Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool emerging as the frontrunners in the title race. As the season reaches its climax, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the outcome. In this comprehensive analysis, we get into the performance metrics, squad strengths, weaknesses, and playing styles of each contender to determine who holds the edge in the quest for Premier League glory.


Performance Overview:

Arsenal has showcased remarkable consistency throughout the season, with a solid defensive record and an attacking prowess that has seen them netting goals with aplomb. Their recent victories against top rivals such as Chelsea and Tottenham underscore their title credentials.

Player Analysis:

  PlayerGoalsAssistsAerials WonRating
Bukayo Saka1683.27.67
Declan Rice750.77.4
Martin Ødegaard880.157.37


Arsenal excels in finishing scoring chances, defending set pieces, and attacking down the wings. Their possession-based, short-passing style of play, coupled with a consistent first eleven, has been key to their success.


However, Arsenal’s susceptibility to offside traps remains a concern, posing a potential vulnerability that opponents may exploit.

Manchester City

Performance Overview:

Manchester City has been in imperious form, dominating both domestically and in Europe. Their high-scoring wins and defensive solidity make them a formidable force to reckon with.

Player Analysis:

  PlayerGoalsAssistsAerials WonRating
Erling Haaland2511.37.44
Phil Foden1670.297.51


Manchester City’s strengths lie in their shooting from direct free kicks, creating long-shot opportunities, and defending set pieces. Their possession-based style, coupled with attacking through the middle and short passing, has been highly effective.


However, their weakness in aerial duels could be exploited by opponents looking to gain an advantage in physical battles.


Performance Overview:

Liverpool has endured ups and downs but remains a potent force in the title race. Their ability to bounce back from setbacks and score crucial goals has kept them in contention.

Player Analysis:

  PlayerGoalsAssistsAerials WonRating
Mohamed Salah181007.26
Darwin Núñez1181.36.94
Diogo Jota1030.97.08


Liverpool excels in various aspects, including attacking set pieces, creating chances through individual skill, and aerial duels. Their possession-based style and ability to attack down the wings have been pivotal in their success.


However, Liverpool’s vulnerabilities lie in avoiding individual errors and stopping opponents from creating chances, which could be exploited by astute opponents.

What Happens if Teams Finish Level on Points?

If both Arsenal and City finish with the same number of points, the title will be decided based on goal difference, then goals scored, followed by head-to-head record.

Who will win the title?

The Premier League season draws close and the title race remains fiercely contested. While Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool all possess formidable strengths, each team also has areas of vulnerability that opponents can exploit. Ultimately, with exceptional form and a well-rounded squad, Manchester City appears to have the edge in clinching the 2024 Premier League title. However, the race isn’t over yet, and Arsenal could still cause an upset if City falter. Liverpool’s chances seem slim.

Expect more twists and turns before the final whistle blows on May 19th!

P.S. The thought of Arsenal winning gives me flashbacks to a volcano erupting with joyous screams. Another City win will be a calming flute solo for sanity’s sake.

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