2024 F1 Championship Heats Up: Who Can Stop Verstappen? | Power Rankings

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Lando Norris gave Max Verstappen a serious run for his money over the weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix. But who’s the big cheese according to F1’s panel of judges’ Power Rankings?

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Max Verstappen: Race Position: 1st, Score: 9.6

Max was like the boss of the show in Spain. He had a killer weekend, almost matching Lando’s speed in qualifying, then smoking everyone in the race. Despite a rough start, he managed to pass George Russell and keep his cool to grab his seventh win of the season.

Lando Norris: Race Position: 2nd, Score: 9.0

Lando’s been on fire lately! He had a “perfect lap” on Saturday and scored his second pole ever. But Sunday was a bit of a letdown with a tough start and not being able to catch up to Max. Still he has got a lot to be happy about with a strong McLaren under him for the upcoming races in Austria and Silverstone, where he has killed it before.

Lewis Hamilton: Race Position: 3rd, Score: 8.8

Lewis had a solid weekend, starting with a good qualifying and ending with a podium finish. Sure, he’s used to better than third, especially at a track where he’s won six times, but it seems like he’s getting his groove back with Merc’s car getting better and better.

Pierre Gasly: Race Position: 9th, Score: 8.2

Gasly was like a rockstar this weekend. He handled the lighter Alpine like a pro, made it to Q3, and started seventh on the grid. Race day wasn’t a walk in the park, but he’s definitely moving in the right direction with another ninth-place finish.

George Russell: Race Position: 4th, Score: 8.0

Russell had an epic start, copying Alonso’s sick move from 2011 to take the lead. He played it smart, but had to settle for second to Hamilton. He’s got a lot to be hyped about though.

Esteban Ocon: Race Position: 10th, Score: 7.6

Ocon didn’t disappoint either. He and Gasly both hit Q3 and scored points, giving Alpine back-to-back double-points weekends. This is a big deal after a rough start to the year.

Charles Leclerc: Race Position: 5th, Score: 7.2

Leclerc showed up for Ferrari, but they weren’t quite as fast as they’d hoped. He still scored some good points, though.

Nico Hulkenberg: Race Position: 11th, Score: 7.0

Hulkenberg, the man really had a good one in Spain. He was faster than his teammate and had a pretty neat race, even with a penalty.

Zhou Guanyu: Race Position: 13th, Score: 6.4

Zhou had a better weekend with a switch back to his old hull. He has definitely got more in the tank than his recent results show.

Carlos Sainz: Race Position: 6th, Score: 6.2

Sainz had a tough time with Ferrari’s speed issues. He and Leclerc had a bit of a hussle but anyhow, the man managed to finish sixth. We’re all waiting to see where he lands for next year.


Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas both scored a 6.2, too. Ricciardo had a decent weekend, while Bottas had some great moments but ended up being outshone by his Kick Sauber teammate.

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