100 Robotics Projects GUARANTEED to Challenge & Inspire Engineering Students

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To all engineering students with a passion for robotics, are you looking for fun and engaging projects to put your skills to the test? Here we have 100 fascinating robotics projects that cater to beginners and enthusiasts alike. From 3D printing or chasing the dream of an autonomous chess-playing robot, this extensive list offers the perfect launchpad for your robotics journey. Whether you’re new to robotics or a seasoned hobbyist, these projects provide a hands-on and engaging way to explore cutting-edge technology and discover the endless possibilities of robotics.

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Top 100 Robotics Projects

1. 3D Printed Robot

Dive into the world of robotics and 3D printing by creating a customizable robot tailored to your specific needs. With the freedom to add new functionalities, 3D printed robots push the boundaries of possibility and offer endless opportunities for innovation.

2. Stair Climber Robot

Explore the realm of goods transport with a stair-climbing robot designed to navigate challenging terrains and obstacles. By combining mobility mechanisms, such as wheeled or tracked systems, this project offers a promising solution for off-road mobility challenges.

3. Robotic Arm Controlled by Touch Screen Display

Build a touch screen-operated robotic vehicle that can be controlled remotely using RF signals. This project utilizes an 8051 microcontroller to receive commands from a touch screen transmitter and execute tasks autonomously.

4. Line Follower Robot

Create a simple yet effective line follower robot using infrared sensors to track and follow a thick line on the floor. This project is ideal for final year engineering students looking to make a lasting impression with their robotic skills.

5. Solar Floor Cleaner Robot

Develop a solar-powered floor cleaner robot capable of autonomously cleaning outdoor spaces and large campuses. With the ability to be controlled via RF remote, this project offers a sustainable solution for maintaining cleanliness without the need for manual intervention.

6. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

Construct a robotic vehicle equipped with a metal detection system to detect and locate metallic objects within a 200-meter radius. This project utilizes an 8051 microcontroller and RF technology for remote operation and metal detection capabilities.

7. Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle

Design a pick and place robot capable of picking up objects and placing them in desired locations with precision. By understanding the principles of joints and degrees of freedom, this project offers insights into robotic manipulation and control.

8. Mobile Autonomous Robot

Create a mobile autonomous robot capable of detecting obstacles and navigating its environment autonomously. This project utilizes Raspberry Pi and USB webcam technology to detect and avoid obstacles in real-time.

9. Chess Playing Robot

Embark on a chess-playing adventure by building a robot capable of recognizing chess pieces and making strategic moves. This project integrates robotics, computer vision, and chess algorithms to create a challenging and engaging gameplay experience.

10. Cleaning Robot

Develop an automatic cleaning robot capable of cleaning rooms efficiently using boundary analysis and vacuum suction technology. This project offers a practical solution for maintaining cleanliness in indoor environments with minimal human intervention.

11. Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Build a fully autonomous robot capable of avoiding obstacles and navigating its environment with ease. Ideal for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike, this project serves as the foundation for many larger robotics endeavors, including automatic cars and spacecraft.

12. GreenHouse Managing Robot

Create a high-tech farming solution with a greenhouse managing robot that monitors and controls temperature, humidity, and light levels. This project offers three basic modules for parameter monitoring, controlling, and automatic movement, providing valuable insights into agricultural automation.

13. Automatic Wall Painting Robot

Design a robotic system for automatic wall painting using screw rod arrangements and proximity sensors. This project utilizes a DC motor and a u-slot sensor to control the movement of the painting table, offering a convenient solution for large-scale painting tasks.

14. Intelligent Combat Robot

Construct a radio-operated combat robot equipped with a wireless camera for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. This spy robot can silently enter enemy areas and transmit vital information, making it a valuable asset in security and defense applications.

15. Autonomous Underwater Robot

Develop an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) capable of exploring underwater environments and conducting research missions. This project utilizes SolidWorks and Raspberry Pi technology to create a versatile platform for underwater exploration.

16. Robotic Arm

Create a programmable robotic arm for use in extreme conditions, such as space missions or nuclear power plants. This project utilizes servo motors and Arduino Nano technology to control the movement of the arm, offering a practical solution for various industrial applications.

17. Biped Walking Robot

Replicate human walking style with a biped walking robot built with lightweight aluminum sheets and servo motors. This project utilizes EyeBot controllers for intelligent walking and kicking actions, providing valuable insights into mechatronic system design.

18. Sensor Guided Robotics

Design a robot system for ship section assembly using sensor-guided technology for seam tracking during welding. This project addresses productivity and quality issues in shipbuilding and improves working conditions for workers.

19. Hexapod

Build a biomimetic hexapod robot capable of multi-directional walking and self-balancing. This project utilizes servo motors and a sturdy frame for robust and agile locomotion, offering insights into insect-inspired robotic design.

20. Swarm Robotics

Explore swarm intelligence with a swarm robotics project focused on the coordination of multi-robot systems. This project utilizes decentralized, self-organized systems to achieve desired collective behavior, reducing workload and increasing efficiency.

21. Mobile Robotics

Explore the world of mobile robots capable of navigating uncontrolled environments with ease. From autonomous mobile robots to guided navigation systems, mobile robotics offers endless opportunities for innovation and exploration.

22. Sixth Sense Robot

Build a sixth sense robot that captures images and tracks hand gestures using color markers. This project is perfect for final year engineering students looking to explore new and exciting technologies beyond traditional robotics.

23. Surveillance Robot

Create a surveillance robot equipped with Raspberry Pi technology for monitoring and controlling remote environments. With Python scripting and Android app integration, this project offers a practical solution for surveillance and security applications.

24. Gesture Based Robotics

Dive into gesture-based robotics with an ARM controller-based project that uses accelerometer gesture recognition. Explore the possibilities of human-machine interaction and control robots with intuitive hand movements.

25. Voice Controlled Robot

Develop a voice-controlled robot using speech recognition technology and RF communication. With an Android app interface and microcontroller integration, this project offers a hands-free solution for controlling robot movements.

26. WiFi Controlled Robot

Build a WiFi-controlled robot using Arduino and Blynk app integration. Explore the world of IoT-based robotics and learn how to control robots wirelessly using any WiFi-enabled smartphone.

27. Maze Solver Robot

Construct a maze-solving robot capable of navigating complex paths autonomously. This project challenges students to develop logic and problem-solving skills while exploring the exciting field of autonomous robotics.

28. Bluetooth Robotics

Explore Bluetooth-controlled robotics with a project that integrates smartphone commands and microcontroller circuits. Learn the fundamentals of serial programming and motor control while creating a versatile robot.

29. Raspberry Pi Robot

Harness the power of Raspberry Pi to create a versatile robot capable of connecting to the internet and interfacing with hardware components. With basic programming skills and hardware knowledge, you can build your own Raspberry Pi robot.

30. Fire Fighting Robot

Develop a fire-fighting robot equipped with multi-flame sensors and water pump systems. This project aims to reduce the risk of injury to firefighters by providing a safe and efficient solution for extinguishing fires in hazardous environments.

31. Metal Segregation from Waste Robot

Create a robot capable of detecting metals in waste, a crucial tool for landmine detection and environmental cleanup efforts. This microcontroller-based project offers a practical solution for identifying and segregating metals from waste materials.

32. SnakeBot

Construct a snake-like robot with hyper-redundant capabilities, ideal for navigating complex environments and overcoming obstacles. This biomorphic robot offers resilience and versatility, making it an exciting project for engineering students seeking a challenge.

33. Steam Power Generation Robot

Explore the principles of steam power generation with a robot that harnesses steam pressure to perform mechanical work. This project offers insights into heat engines and piston-driven systems, providing a hands-on learning experience for aspiring engineers.

34. Smart Umbrella with Solar Cell

Build a smart umbrella equipped with a solar cell for harnessing solar energy and powering built-in LED lighting. This innovative project combines sustainability with practicality, offering a creative solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

35. Wall Climbing Robot

Design a robot capable of climbing vertical surfaces using suction technology. This project challenges students to develop a wall-climbing mechanism controlled by servo motors, providing a hands-on introduction to robotics and engineering.

36. Smart Irrigation System

Create a smart irrigation system that optimizes water usage and conserves resources using advanced sprinkler technology. This project integrates sensors and controllers to monitor moisture levels and adjust watering patterns, offering an eco-friendly solution for agricultural and residential applications.

37. Pipe Adaptive Robot

Develop a robot for inspecting pipelines, featuring adaptive mobility and efficient navigation capabilities. This project combines robotics and mechanical engineering to address real-world challenges in infrastructure maintenance and inspection.

38. Water Filling Conveyor

Build a conveyor system for automated bottle filling, integrating sensors and pumps to streamline the production process. This interdisciplinary project incorporates elements of mechanical design, embedded systems, and automation, offering valuable hands-on experience for engineering students.

39. Real-Time Transmission Line Monitoring Bot

Construct a robot for real-time monitoring of transmission lines, enhancing safety and efficiency in power infrastructure maintenance. This project utilizes robotic arms and mobile applications to traverse transmission lines and collect data, offering a practical solution for utility companies.

40. Metal and Plastic Segregation Mechanical Setup Robot

Develop a mechanical setup robot for segregating metal and plastic from waste materials, promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation. This project incorporates sensors, robotics, and database management to automate the segregation process, providing an innovative solution for waste management challenges.

41. Gesture Controlled Robotic Car

Create a gesture-controlled car using Arduino Nano and motor drivers, allowing you to control the robot with hand gestures wirelessly. Transmit real-time data from hand movements to the robot via a transmitter and receiver for seamless control.

42. Android Controlled Robotic Car

Build an Android-controlled car, also known as a Bluetooth-controlled robot, using a smart Android app to maneuver the robotic car effortlessly. Utilize different modules for efficient control without complications.

43. Off-Road Adventure Robot

Construct an off-road adventure robot equipped with high-torque motors and a heavy-duty chassis, perfect for navigating rough terrains with ease. Capture thrilling moments with an in-built action camera while traversing challenging landscapes.

44. Android Controlled Robotic Arm

Develop an Android-controlled robotic arm that responds to commands sent via Bluetooth from an Android device. Use the device to control the arm’s movements, including grip open, grip close, and more, for versatile robotic manipulation.

45. Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Design an obstacle avoidance robot with infrared sensors to detect and navigate around obstacles autonomously. Ensure smooth navigation by incorporating sensors that detect obstacles in the robot’s path.

46. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Camera

Create a war field spying robot equipped with a night vision wireless camera for surveillance in low-light conditions. Enable remote-controlled operation to gather real-time intelligence without risking human lives in dangerous environments.

47. PC Controlled Human Detection Robot

Develop a PC-controlled robot capable of detecting humans, particularly useful in disaster scenarios such as earthquakes. Utilize infrared sensors and microcontrollers to locate human bodies under debris for efficient rescue operations.

48. GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot

Build a GSM mobile phone-controlled robot using modern technology to send SMS commands for robot motion control. Enable remote operation and efficient task completion with remote control via SMS commands.

49. MEMS Sensors Controlled Haptic Forefinger Robotic Aid

Create a robotic aid for disabled individuals using MEMS sensors and microcontrollers to control the direction of a robotic forefinger. Assist physically challenged individuals with precise robotic assistance tailored to their needs.

50. Hector SLAM Mapping and Indoor Positioning Robot

Develop a robot capable of real-time mapping and indoor positioning using Hector SLAM technology. Enable accurate mapping of indoor environments to facilitate seamless robot navigation and obstacle avoidance.

51. AI-Based Chatbot for Appliance Control

Develop an AI-based chatbot to assist senior citizens and handicapped individuals with household chores by controlling electrical appliances. Utilize artificial intelligence to create a user-friendly interface for seamless appliance management and ease of use.

52. Colour Sensing Robot with MATLAB

Build a colour sensing robot using MATLAB for image processing and high-sensor cameras. Process images to detect and track coloured objects, sending real-time data via a COM port for industrial applications requiring precise object detection and tracking.

53. RF Controlled Robot

Construct an RF-controlled robot that responds to commands from a transmitter with four push buttons. Enable easy control of the robot’s movements, including forward, backward, left, right, and stop, with the simple push of a button for efficient task completion.

54. Sun-Tracking Solar Panel without Controller

Create a sun-tracking solar panel system without a controller to maximize solar energy production. Utilize a single-axis tracking mechanism to follow the sun’s movement throughout the day, increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

55. Ultra-light Industrial Robot Concept Design

Develop a conceptual design for an ultra-lightweight industrial robot using aluminum, carbon fiber, and advanced servo actuators. Enable greater adaptability for smaller and medium-sized companies in industries such as automotive, food, and consumer goods with lightweight and versatile robotic solutions.

56. Metal Detecting Robot Using Microcontroller

Design a metal detecting robot with sensors and microcontrollers for applications in mining, security systems, and remote areas. Detect metals and transmit real-time data using radio frequency technology interfaced with microcontrollers for efficient metal detection.

57. New Interface for Rapid Feedback Control on ABB Robots

Integrate advanced sensors for dynamic feedback control on ABB industrial robots to reduce calibration requirements and improve manufacturing efficiency. Enable real-time sensor feedback to robotic controls for enhanced performance and reduced lead times in industrial automation.

58. Cockroach-Inspired Robots with Artificial Muscles

Develop robots inspired by cockroaches for research in legged locomotion, utilizing hierarchical control systems and distributed inter-leg coordination mechanisms. Enable robots to perform complex motions such as air-walking and treadmill locomotion for versatile applications in robotics research.

59. Automatic Pesticide Sprayer for Agricultural Purposes

Build an automatic pesticide sprayer robot for agricultural use, equipped with ultrasonic sensors for crop detection and navigation. Enhance agricultural productivity by automating pesticide spraying tasks, reducing manual labor and improving crop health.

60. Autonomous Quadcopter Docking System

Design systems and algorithms for quadcopters to autonomously locate and land on designated stations. Enable quadcopters to conduct data collection or surveillance missions by safely landing and recharging on targeted stations.

61. Real-Time Transmission Line Monitoring Bot

Deploy robotic systems to monitor transmission lines and detect faults such as damage to insulators, conductor corrosion, and current leakage. Ensure efficient monitoring of transmission lines in rugged and remote environments to prevent power line disasters.

62. Metal and Plastic Segregation Mechanical Setup

Implement advanced waste segregation systems using IoT and RF-ID technology to sort metallic, plastic, and glass waste efficiently. Enhance waste management and disposal activities to address the challenges posed by rapid urbanization and population growth.

63. FPGA-Based Robotics Arms

Control material handling robotic arms using FPGA controllers for fast and accurate performance. Leverage FPGA technology to provide multiple functions and reduce construction costs in industrial applications.

64. Physiotherapy Robot

Develop robotic devices for upper limb rehabilitation to assist physiotherapists in providing intensive therapy to patients. Address the shortage of skilled caretakers and improve access to physiotherapy services using robotics technology.

65. Amphibious Robot

Create a self-navigating robot with integrated GPS technology for optimal path optimization and obstacle avoidance. Utilize rotating ultrasonic sensors to minimize power consumption and enhance navigation capabilities.

66. Line Follower Robot without Controller

Build a behavior-stimulated line following robot with microcontrollers for versatile performance. Utilize light detectors and designated paths to enable the robot to follow black or white tapes on different surfaces.

67. Milk Feeding Robot

Integrate robotics and automation into milking parlors to optimize feeding processes and maximize milk yields. Provide cows with individualized nutrient needs to enhance milk production and profitability.

68. Smart Phone-Controlled Robotic Car

Create an Arduino-based robotic car controllable via an Android smartphone app. Enable surveillance and object manipulation capabilities for versatile applications in home automation and security.

69. Metal Detector Robot

Develop a robot equipped with metal detection sensors to locate metals hidden in various objects. Utilize magnetic flux technology to detect metals through opaque materials such as clothes and plastics.

70. Solar Panel Cleaning System

Maintain the efficiency of solar panels with a robotic cleaning system equipped with roller brushes and water sprayers. Ensure safe and effective cleaning of solar panels without human intervention using remote and wireless operation.

71. Ball Tracking Robot

Create a robot capable of autonomously monitoring and tracking objects using computer vision technology. Develop a prototype that can detect and follow colored balls, paving the way for automated surveillance systems.

72. Color Following Robot

Build robots equipped with Pixy computer vision sensors to track colored objects at high speeds. Engage community members in robotics by creating interactive displays where individuals can play with the robots and witness their color-tracking capabilities.

73. Solar Panel Cleaning System Using Arduino

Develop an automatic solar panel cleaning system powered by Arduino controllers. Utilize rough sponges and water pumps to efficiently clean dust and debris from PV panel surfaces, increasing energy output by up to 50%.

74. Human Detector Robot

Design a human detection robot for use in natural disasters such as earthquakes. Operate the robot manually using RF technology to locate humans trapped under debris and facilitate timely rescue operations.

75. Gesture Controlled Robot

Create a robot controlled by hand gestures using RF technology and microcontrollers. Enable users to transmit commands to the robot wirelessly, allowing for intuitive and hands-free operation.

76. Leaping Robot Frog

Engineer a small jumping robot inspired by the musculoskeletal structure of frogs. Utilize twisting actuation to store elastic energy and enable the robot to jump more than 58 times its own height.

77. Waste Management Robot

Develop smart robots capable of autonomously sorting and disposing of garbage. Utilize sensors and AI technology to identify and categorize waste, leading to more efficient waste management practices and a cleaner environment.

78. Football Robot

Build mobile robots designed to play football in competitive tournaments such as RoboCup. Explore various football leagues and robotics applications to engage enthusiasts in the exciting world of robotics.

79. Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Design an intelligent robot capable of detecting and avoiding obstacles using ultrasonic sensors. Implement a simple yet effective obstacle avoidance system to enhance the robot’s navigation capabilities.

80. Mini Conveyor

Construct a mini conveyor system for efficient material handling in small spaces. Customize the conveyor setup with options for drive packages, belt types, and accessory categories to meet specific project needs.

81. Link Conveyor

Dive into precision-link conveyors, which enable manufacturers to streamline assembly, marking, welding, and manufacturing operations with unparalleled accuracy and speed. These conveyors offer standard link-positioning accuracy of ±0.08 mm (±0.003 in.) or better, making them essential tools for enhancing efficiency in various industries.

82. Solar Panel Cleaning System

Explore a solar panel cleaning system designed to optimize the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by removing dust and debris. This system features a water solar pump and a device equipped with high-pressure water spraying nozzles to clean each panel individually. With automated on/off functionality, this system ensures optimal cleaning without manual intervention.

83. Brain Controlled Robotic Arm

Delve into the realm of brain-controlled robotics with a project that utilizes embedded controllers and PID algorithms to control the movement of a robotic arm. Implement forward and inverse kinematics algorithms using MATLAB programming language, enabling users to interact with the robotic arm via a graphical user interface.

84. Robocar with Wireless Steering

Build a robocar with wireless steering capabilities using Arduino Uno board and Arduino IDE software. Program the ATmega328 microcontroller to communicate wirelessly and control the car’s movements. With easy-to-use programming options, this project is perfect for beginners looking to explore wireless robotics.

85. Line Follower Robot

Construct a line follower robot using 8051 microcontrollers, IR sensors, motors, and motor driver ICs. This robot follows a predefined path indicated by a black line on a light-colored surface, adjusting its direction based on sensor feedback. With a simple yet effective design, this project offers a hands-on introduction to robotics.

86. Whisker for Robots

Learn about whisker sensors for robots, which detect nearby obstacles and send signals to the robot. Utilize steel guitar strings to create flexible and inexpensive whiskers that can detect disturbances in the environment. With straightforward setup and operation, whisker sensors offer a practical solution for obstacle detection in robotics.

87. Line Following Robot

Explore the world of line-following robots, which use IR sensors to navigate predefined paths. Construct a robot using 8051 microcontrollers, IR sensors, motors, and motor driver ICs, and mount the sensors on the front to detect the line. This project provides a hands-on learning experience in robotic navigation.

88. RFID Warehouse Robot

Dive into the realm of autonomous robotics with an RFID warehouse robot project. Integrate RFID readers and PIC microcontrollers to create a robot capable of identifying and navigating to items using RFID tags. With assembly language programming and servo motor control, this project offers a glimpse into advanced robotics applications.

89. Namaste Greeting Robot

Get creative with a Namaste greeting robot project that combines servo motor control with Arduino Uno board. Design a robot capable of scanning and greeting people with the traditional Indian gesture of “namaste.” Perfect for use in various settings, this project adds a fun and interactive element to robotics.

90. Automatic Steering Control Robot

Discover automatic steering control systems for robotic agricultural equipment, designed to navigate confined spaces with ease. Explore Ackerman steering mechanisms and steering control strategies to improve maneuverability in orchards and other challenging environments. With innovative technologies, this project revolutionizes agricultural robotics.

91. Cube Solving Robot

Dive into the world of cube-solving robots powered by Python programming and the Kociemba algorithm. Witness the magic as a robot captures cube images, extracts colors, and solves the cube with precision movements controlled by Arduino. Experience the thrill of watching a robot conquer the Rubik’s cube in minutes.

92. Design of Amphibian Robot

Discover the versatility of amphibian robots capable of navigating both land and water terrains. Explore the potential applications of these bots in surveillance, transportation, and autonomous defense. Witness firsthand the agility and adaptability of robots designed to conquer diverse environments.

93. BCI-Based Desired Bot

Unlock the power of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology and its applications in controlling external devices using brain signals. Learn about the evolution of BCI systems and the integration of multi-sensor data fusion and machine learning algorithms. Experience the revolutionary potential of BCI for individuals with motor disabilities.

94. Rescue Bot

Delve into the world of rescue robots designed to assist in search and rescue missions with precision and efficiency. Explore the design principles behind wheel-legged rescue robots and their ability to navigate diverse environments. Experience the innovation driving the future of rescue robotics.

95. Library Book Management Robot

Revolutionize library management with the Library Management Robot (LMR) designed to automate book collection and shelving tasks. Explore the integration of RFID technology, line following, and robotic arm kinematics. Witness the efficiency of LMR as it scans, sorts, and shelves books with precision and speed.

96. Mobile Robot Navigation System

Experience the power of RFID and ultrasonic sensors in a mobile robot navigation system designed for seamless indoor navigation. Explore how RFID tags serve as landmarks for global path planning, enabling robots to navigate autonomously. Witness the integration of sensor technology in real-world navigation scenarios.

97. Four-Legged Walking Robot

Step into the world of four-legged walking robots designed for agile and adaptive locomotion in indoor environments. Explore the gait matrix strategy for straight paths and differential strokes for curved paths. Experience the innovation driving obstacle detection and avoidance in robotic locomotion.

98. Underwater Dockey

Explore the depths with an underwater robotic system designed for ultrasonic inspections of nuclear reactor vessel weldments. Witness the precision and efficiency of the six-degree-of-freedom manipulator attached to a moveable base. Experience the ingenuity behind underwater robotics for critical inspection tasks.

99. Dancing Robot

Get ready to groove with a dancing robot powered by small motors and a battery-operated circuit. Explore the basics of electrical circuits and motor control as the robot spins and moves to the beat. Experience the joy of robotics as you witness the robot’s playful movements and learn about the power of electricity.

100. Drawing Robot

Unleash your creativity with a drawing robot powered by Arduino Uno and servo motors. Explore the versatility of AxiDraw machines in creating intricate designs on various surfaces. Experience the magic of robotic artistry as the drawing robot brings your imagination to life with precision and flair.

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